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Team work delivers during Covid-19 times

Aug 12, 2021

Under the shadow of Novel Coronavirus in Mumbai, there are some positive news .A  Patient of Dr . Susan Sodder, a 36 year old woman  who was 7months pregnant came to Holy spirit Hospital on the 27th June 2020 having symptoms of vomiting, Diarrhoea, cough and fever .

 In her 10 years of marriage the patient had a history of 4 pregnancies with no live child ,Lost her 1st child soon after birth and also had been operated for nephrectomy and a  was a known Diabetic on insulin for the past  6 years .

 On being admitted she was tested positive for Covid-19. In 3 days of being admitted her Oxygen Levels dropped rapidly and she was shifted to the ICU  and was given Antiviral Treatment .

   A detailed Standard Operating Procedure had been laid out for the patient by the  hospital authorities after examining International case studies, Guidelines were implemented by the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department (Headed by Dr. Susan Sodder)  along with the Infectious Disease Doctors (Dr .Nadeem Motlekar and Dr Sajit Babu ) and the paediatric department while the Covid-19 pregnant women was treated .

The patient recovered and has given birth to a Healthy Baby Girl.

She is forever grateful to Dr Susan Sodder for her Guidance and Support.

Dr. Susan Sodder

MBBS, DGO,MD,Diploma Pelviscopic Surgery

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