Admission Discharge Procedure
  • Admission Desk - 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Emergency Desk - 9:00 pm to 7:00 am
  • Admission Deposit - Deposit varies as per class of bed / rooms availed. All charges are as per Schedule of charges. Scheduler of change is subject to revision without prior notice. Necessary deposit to be paid at cash counter in billing Room no – 42 at the time of admission.
The deposit receipt has to be preserved until the discharge.
Timings Room no 42 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Counter No 60 6:00 pm to 8:00 am

Declaration form – On admission patient / guardian needs to fill and sign the declaration form, disclosing the true medical history.

Admission for Surgery – Patients can get admitted on the previous day of surgery by 6pm with fitness certificate and reports. Planned surgeries require full deposit. Contact Help Desk for approximate expenses & deposit.

Medicine on Credit – Available for 2 bed category and above. For others optional on payment of additional deposit.

Declaration form – On admission patient / guardian needs to fill and sign the declaration form, disclosing the true medical history.

Admission for Surgery – Patients can get admitted on the previous day of surgery by 6pm with fitness certificate and reports. Planned surgeries require full deposit. Contact Help Desk for approximate expenses & deposit.

Medicine on Credit – Available for 2 bed category and above. For others optional on payment of additional deposit.

Dedicated Healthcare Services TPA Pvt. Ltd. (only Corporate Policy)

Health India TPA Services Pvt. Ltd.

Heritage India TPA

MD India Healthcare Services

United Health Care Parekh TPA

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Cholamandalam MS. General Insurance Co. Ltd.

HDFC Ego General Insurance

ICICI Prudentials Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd

Reliance Insurance (R-Care)

Religare Health Insurance

Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd.

Universal Sampo General Insurance

Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Patient Rights:

  • Right to values and beliefs, any special preferences, cultural needs, and responding to requests for spiritual needs.
  •  Right to respect for personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.
  • Right to protection from neglect or abuse.
  • Right to treating patient information as confidential.
  • Right to refusal of treatment.
  • Right to seek an additional opinion regarding clinical care.
  • Right to informed consent before the transfusion of blood and blood components, anesthesia, surgery, initiation of any research protocol and any other invasive/high-risk procedures/treatment.
  •  Right to complain and information on how to voice a complaint.
  •   Right to information on expected cost of the treatment.
  • Right to access to their clinical records.
  • Right to information on the name of the treating doctor, care plan, progress and information on their health care needs.
  •  Right to determine what information regarding their care would be provided to self and family.
  •  Right to information and education about their healthcare needs, immunization, pain management, when appropriate.
  • Right to education in a language and format that can be understood.
  • Right to education about their specific disease process, complications and prevention strategies.
  • Right to education about prevention healthcare associated infections.
  •  Right to information on diet, nutrition and food drug interaction.
  •  Right to information on safe and effective use of medication and the potential side effects of the medication.

Patient Responsibilities:

  •  To provide correct and truthful medical history and personal details of the patient.
  •  To communicate to the doctor when not able to understand treatment  given or considering alternative therapy.  
  •  To abide by all hospital rules and regulations.     
  •  To inform the authorities if the patient`s condition worsens or does not follow expected course.
  •  To pay for services in a timely manner as per hospital policies.
  •  To follow the prescribed treatment plan.
  •  To accept, where applicable, adaptations to the environment to ensure safe and secure stay in hospital.
  •  To accept the measures taken by hospital to ensure privacy and confidentiality of medical records.
  •  To attend follow up appointments as requested.
  •  To keep the hospital property clean, relatives are not allowed to bathe wash clothes in the hospital.
  •  To refrain from spitting, chewing gum / Gutka / pan, smoking and consumption of alcohol   
  •  To avoid loud speaking and respect silence zones.
  •  To conserve energy, water and be Eco friendly.    


  • Multiple Beds
  • Common Bathroom
  • Multiple Beds
  • AC / Non AC
  • Common Bathroom
  • Double Bed
  • Attached Bathroom
  • AC / Non AC
  • Single Bed
  • Air Condition
  • Attached Bathroom
  • Television
  • WI-fi (On Request)
  •  Single Bed
  •  Air Condition
  • Attached Bathroom
  • Television
  • Wardrobe
  • Fridge
  • WI-fi (On Request)

We also offer 24/7 ATM (HDFC Bank) facility in the hospital premises


Free parking available for Cars and Two Wheelers.



JANSSEN Delite Hall is located on the 2nd Floor of Jyoti Bhavan building next to the main Hospital annexture.

The Auditoriam is equipped with:
  • Split air conditioners
  • 250 cushioned chairs
  • An aqua Guard water cooler
  • Separate Male / Female wash rooms
  • A pantry Room
  • A small Stage can be Arranged as per the Requirement
  • Free parking available for more than 80+ vehicles
  • In- House Audio / Visual / Sound / Catering / Decoration / Stage can be arranged as per Requirement

Janssen Auditorium is located on the 2nd Floor of, Hospital's Annexure, with a Lift.

The Auditorium is centrally Air-Conditioned and equipped with 450 cushioned seat chairs with arm rests, a large stage, a green room, male/female wash rooms, Aqua Guard water cooler and a dining cum Display lobby. Free parking facility available for 80 + vehicles

Please Note: Minimum of 4hrs Program.

* Confirmation subject to availability and payment of advance in cheque or cash.

We would suggest to visit the venue with prior appointment.

1. What are the operating hours of your hospital ?

The Hospital is open 24 hrs.

2. What are the timings at O.P.D.?

Please refer our website for O.P.D. schedule

3. What is the procedure to consult the Doctor in General O.P.D.?

Registration - Anyone who seeks treatment in our Hospital must get their name registered at counter No. A-55 located inside Gate 3. A registration fee needs to be paid for his or her first visit and for every re-visit. Here your case paper will logged into the computer and you will be given a computerized registration number, which is to be submitted to the Doctor in the respective O.P.D. department.

4. How can I know about my Doctor's profile?

Doctors’ profiles are available on the Hospital website.

1. Can I choose my class of ward?

Yes, subject to availability of rooms under specific class.

2. Does your hospital offer wireless internet?

It is provided to single room patients upon request.

3. How can I contact a patient at your hospital?

You may call on the hospital board line 022-28248500/1/2/3/4 Ext’n. no. 160/161

4. How is my treatment plan decided?

The respective Doctor treating you will decide the plan.

5. Can I choose my Doctor?

Yes, if available on our panel.

6. How can I change my class of ward accommodation?

You need to visit the Billing or Admission Department.

7. Are cell phones allowed in the hospitals?

Yes, but with restrictive usage.

8. What if I want a second opinion?

Patients can have second opinion. Kindly discuss with your consultant and give in writing the brief reason and details of the Doctor to be consulted.

9. Can I wear my own clothes?

In-patients are required to wear clothing provided by the Hospital.

10. Where can i go for post discharge treatment queries?

Patient should visit the concerned Doctor’s O.P.D . In case of an emergency patient can proceed to Casualty / Emergency, room no. 60.

11. Whom do I contact if there are any queries with regard to my treatment / medication?

It is advisable to sort and clear all the doubts with your respective Consultant / Resident-in-charge regarding your treatment or medication before discharge. Post discharge you need to register at Counter no. A-55 in order to meet the respective Doctor in O.P.D.

12. How can I obtain birth / death certificate?

You need to visit and apply for the same at the Medical Records Department No. A-66.

13. What if I want to shift the patient to another hospital?

With the permission of the treating Doctor, patients can be shifted to other hospitals. You also need to put up a written request to Medical Director with reasons in brief and details of the Doctor/s to be consulted.

14. Do you provide Ambulance Services?

Yes, we do have ambulance services. Please contact on the Direct Lines: 022 28201141, 022 28248500/1/2/3/4 Ext’n. no.132,

1. When will I get my reports ?

For 90% of the routine tests the results are available on the same day at 5:00 p.m. However, some of the specialized tests have scheduled timings and the information is available with the Laboratory staff.

2. Can I drive after blood test?


3. Will you put me to sleep or give me sedation?


4. Does the Laboratory (Lab.) operate 24 hours, 7 days a week?

Yes, it is a 24/7 Lab. The collection centre is in the Diagnostic Centre- Room no. A-17, which is open from 7:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m., after which the blood collections are done at counter no. A-71 located at the ground floor.

5. What if the Lab. tests are to be done urgently in the night?

We provide emergency testing services in case of urgency.

6. From where can I collect my Lab. Reports?

Lab. reports can be collected from Counter no. A-71 located on the ground floor. The telephone numbers to contact the Lab. are: 022-28248500 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Ext’n. no. 172

• How long does it take to get reports?

If the tests are done before 12:00 noon you may get the reports the by 8:00 p.m. the same night, and if done post 12:00 noon the reports are ready next morning by 11:00 a.m. You can call and check the report status on the given numbers:

Direct line – 022-28200946 / 28248500/1/2/3/4 Ext’n. no. 181 / 182

• Can I drive after the test ?

No, if sedatives or anesthesia is given. Yes, if not given.

• Will you put me to sleep or give me a sedative ?

It depends according to the test. If required or on request it can be given.

• Is the Diagnostic Center available 24/7?

Yes, for all emergency services.

• Are Emergency extra charges levied on diagnostic services?

No , there are no emergency extra charges.

• From where can I collect my Diagnostic Reports?

Reports can be collected from the Diagnostic Centre Reception. The contact numbers for the Diagnostic Centre are as follows:

Direct No: 022 – 28200946

Phone Number – 28248500 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Ext: 181/182

Why are some patients seen before others even if they are on queue (Emergency or Radiology room?)

There could be several reasons why some other patients were seen before you, the reasons being:

• Emergency cases can be considered as priority

• May be you were not present when your number/name was called out.

• You did not meet the requirements of the test. Hence, you were asked to wait until the conditions are met.

• The other patient/s may have already taken a prior appointment.

Please note - Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.
• Does your hospital have tie-ups with insurance companies?

Yes, for details contact our Insurance Desk or kindly refer to our website.

• What should I do if my Insurance Company denies my claim?

Patients are required to settle the bills with the Hospital and submit the re-imbursement claim with the insurance company.

• Should I contact my Insurance Company before I come to hospital?

Yes, incase it’s a planned admission or surgery, you should contact your insurance company first and the pre-authorization form should be filled and approval should be taken prior to admission.

• If I have cashless health insurance what is the procedure for same ?

You will have to visit our Insurance Desk located at counter no. A-48 located inside Gate no. 1 and inform them about the cashless facility you wish to avail and they will guide you from there on.

• What if I have health insurance but that company does not have a tie up with your hospital? How do I go about it?

You need to contact your T.P.A. for advice. Otherwise you need to settle the bills directly with the Hospital and then proceed for re-imbursement.

• What happens if my cashless insurance is denied ?

You need to settle the bills directly at the Hospital and submit the re-imbursement claim with the insurance company, the cashless insurance may be approved or denied depending upon the reason of hospitalization, the line of treatment, and policy terms and conditions. The Hospital takes no responsibility for the denial of cashless. The Reason for Denial will be provided by your respective insurance company.

• Who is responsible for getting my authorization or pre-approval?

It is primarily the responsibility of the respective patient. The Hospital shall help the patient to get the authorization.

After the patient is admitted in the hospital, it is patient’s responsibility to inform the Insurance Desk of the desire to avail the cashless facility. Within 24 hours of admission the pre- authorization form has to reach the respective insurance company / T.P.A., as it is one of the mandatory requirements of the insurance company. Without this happening, cashless facility is not possible.

After the form is filled and duly completed in all respects, the Insurance Desk of the Hospital will do the follow-up of sending the Pre- authorization and getting the approval for the patient. The patient may have to follow-up with his/her insurance company in case of any queries raised related to policy terms and conditions.

Contact No – 022 28248500/1/2/3/4 Ext’n. no. 162

• How do I get a copy of my itemized bill?

You need to visit the Billing Clerk in the respective ward where the patient is admitted.

• Do you accept credit cards?


• What if my bill exceeds the estimate given by your hospital?

You need to visit the Billing Department located at A-42 on the ground floor inside Gate No. 1, for any explanation/clarification you seek.

• If I go home late even if the discharge procedure is completed will I be charged for an extra ?

Yes, if the bed is occupied.

• If I have questions or queries regarding my bill?

You may contact or visit the Billing Department for clarification

• What is the best way to pay my hospital bills?

You may pay in Cash/Credit Card/Debit Card/Pay Order/DD/NEFT/RTGS

• What form of payment is not accepted ?

Cheques are not accepted at the time of discharge.

• How are bed charges levied?

From 12:00 midnight to 12:00 midnight the next day.

• Do the charges/services differ from class to class?

Yes, you may contact/visit the Billing Department to learn more.

• If I am given discharge in the morning will it be charged as half day?

Yes, provided the discharge procedures are completed & the patient leaves the hospital by 12:00 noon, with a grace period of up to 2:00 p.m.

• Are Emergency Surgeries charged Extra ?

Yes, surgeries done on Hospital Holidays, Sundays or emergency surgeries are charged 25% extra.

The Billing Department is open from 8:00 a.m.

Contact no.: 022 28248500/1/2/3/4 Ext’n. 133 / 134

After 7:00 p.m., you may proceed to Room no. A-56.

• How can I obtain documents of medical records or any other In-Patient (I.P.) documents?

If any patient requires their hospital documents, they need to visit the Medical Records Department (M.R.D) along with their final bill after discharge.

Application forms are available in the M.R.D. to obtain the record/s. Each record can be obtained within 48-72 hrs., with a minimum charge of Rs. 200/- each.

• Where should I go for reimbursement procedure ?

You need to visit the M.R.D. located at A-66 and you need to carry your final bill and the Mediclaim Form.

• What is the storage duration in the M.R.D., of old Birth forms or Death forms, which are needed for reference?

Original Birth certificate & Death certificate are available in the Bombay Municipal Corporation. Birth certificate forms are stored in the M.R.D. for an indefinite period. Death certificate forms are stored for 5 years after which they are destroyed along with the patient file. Death registers are being kept for an indefinite period.

• What are the timings of M.R.D.?

All document related queries will be available in the M.R.D.
The M.R.D. is open from 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

Contact no.: 022-28248500/1/2/3/4 Ext’n. no. 165.

Ms. Neha Nair


Audiology and Speech Therapy
Dr .Chetan Bijwal


Emergency Services
Dr. Simone Mitchell PT


Dr. Sharon lopes PT


Dr. Govardhan Maheshwari


Diagnostic centre
Dr. Sneha George PT


Dr. Afreen Khan PT


Dr. Harminder Kaur Jutley PT


Dr. Vaishali V. Karande


Diagnostic centre
Dr. Shampa Brahmachari


Diagnostic centre
Dr.Anita Dugar


Diagnostic centre
Dr. Ajay Singh


Diagnostic centre
Dr. Mohan Kembhavi

M.D.MCPS. Non Invasive Cardiologist

Diagnostic centre
Dr.Amit Sharma

MD(MED), FCCP (USA) DNB (Cardiology), FSCAI (USA) FESC (Europe)

Diagnostic centre
Dr. Darshan Doshi


Diagnostic centre
Dr. Satish Wagh

MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology)

Diagnostic centre
Dr. Akshay Shah

MBBS,DNB (Gen.Medicine), DNB (Medical Oncology & Hematology)

Cancer Centre
Dr. Ajay Kumar Vyas


Diagnostic centre
Dr .Dale Rodrigues


Cancer Centre
Dr. Jyoti Agnihotri

( MD Pathology )

Laboratory-Blood Bank

My Grandfather Mr.Ashok Arora was admitted after he was detected for covid and was in ICU and then in general ward. The entire staff, nurses and doctors were extremely helpful and generous. They took the best care during and post infection along with the diet and updating the relatives about patient's daily parameters. Everybody was very pleasant and gave their best efforts for the betterment of the patient's health. Thank you so much to Holy spirit hospital for taking such good care of the patients in these difficult times.


Riya Arora

Covid Vaccination

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