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Covid Challenge in a Pregnant Lady - A Saga of Courage and Compassion

Aug 04, 2021

There have been several instances of people who have displayed immense endurance and strength and have successfully recovered from Covid.19.

A young lady with 28 weeks’ pregnancy was admitted to Holy Spirit Hospital with severe Covid-19.

 She was detected to have severe Infiltrations in Both Lungs and was admitted to the ICU where she stayed for 10 days. All over the world the experience in treating such cases was limited. However the team of Doctors and Staff quickly assessed the case and instituted treatment. The team reviewed all available information and data in treating Covid -19 in pregnant women.

Hereinafter their team work and timely decisions led to full and completed recovery of this patient. “The patient has been discharged and returned home to complete and safe progression of her pregnancy.” quoted Dr. Nadeem A.G Motlekar (DNB,FCCM,MD)

We applaud or Doctors and Staff for displaying exemplary professionalism and Great Compassion.

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