Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology

The Department of Oncology is one of the major Department of Holy Spirit Hospital .

It was established in 2010   It is considered as one of the referral centre  in India for the treatment for all types of Cancers.

The Department has a Holistic approach with the best of human expertise and state of the art technology in treating the deadly disease.

We have a dedicated team of specialised Oncologist for the treatment of all types and forms of Cancer 



We have the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies assisting our specialists to obtain the best clinical outcomes.

Radiation Therapy

It directs high energy radiation at the tumour from outside the body to destroy cancer cells.

It helps in curing cancer by stopping its growth, spread, also provides relief from pain and bleeding due to cancer .Our facility delivers very precise and optimal dose to the tumour sparing the surrounding normal tissues to the maximum. The treatment is given in high precision and accuracy. The team consists of Radiation Oncologist, Medical Physicists and Radiation Therapists.


  • External Beam Radiation therapy 
  • Brachytherapy
  • 3 DCRT 3- Dimensional Conformal radiation Therapy


The treatment planning system conforms to the 3D shape of the Tumour using

 Multi leaf collimators that shapes the beam.


IMRT: Intensity –Modulated radiation Therapy 


This is a specialised form of 3DCRT, where each radiation beam is subdivided into many

 Tiny ‘beam lets ‘. Intensity of each of them can be varied individually, thereby effectively delivering the radiation dose more precisely to the target while further limiting the dose to the surrounding normal tissues.


IGRT: Image guided radiation therapy


Use of sophisticated imaging technologies guides the delivery of radiation therapy more precisely. Tumours can move during treatment and between treatments. For dynamic targeting IGRT, theLINAC is outfitted with sophisticated imaging devices. It helps in targeting the tumour more precisely sparing surrounding normal tissues and allows for dose escalation to the target improving chances of cure.


Rapid arc technology is an advanced form if Intensity modulated Radiation Therapy that delivers a precisely –sculpted 3-dimension dose distribution with a 360-degree rotation of the gantry in a single or multi –arc treatment. High speed treatment delivery system with shorter treatment time increases patient comfort on couch.


Internal Radiation therapy 


  • We have the most advanced Gamma Med plus –iX from Varian .It is a 24 channel high Dose Rate 9HRD) Brachy therapy machine with the latest planning software BrachyVision.
  • The procedure involves the placement of sealed radioactive sources through applicators / needles /catheters, introduced either within or close proximity to a tumour. 
  • Using 3 Dimensional Conformal Brachytherapy, Doctors can eradicate the tumour, reducing the radiation exposure to nearby normal tissues.
  • All forms of Brachytherapy Treatments are performed – Intravaginal / Intracavitary /Interstitial Implants /Surface moulds.



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