Medical Oncology And Haematology

Medical Oncology And Haematology

The Department of Oncology is one of the major Department of Holy Spirit Hospital .

It was established in 2010   It is considered as one of the referral centre  in India for the treatment for all types of Cancers.

The Department has a Holistic approach with the best of human expertise and state of the art technology in treating the deadly disease.

We have a dedicated team of specialised Oncologist for the treatment of all types and forms of Cancer 


Medical Oncology & Haematology

We have dedicated teams of doctors offering comprehensive patient-centric care along with expertise and assurance using advanced technologies. 

Our team of fully trained medical oncologists holds years of experience in managing all types of cancers with chemotherapy along with immunotherapy and targeted therapy. The centre also manages the side effects of chemotherapy that may range from common to rarer ones, thereby, helping patients in leading relatively normal lives while receiving chemotherapy.


1)Well equipped Medical Oncology team offering Day care and Inpatient Facilities .

2)Treatment of all forms and types of cancer – All solid cancers ,lymphoid and haematology malignancies with optimal care and professionalism  like;

  • Bone marrow aspiration 
  • Biopsy 
  • Intrathecal 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy and many more.
  • Mammography with Tomosynthesis


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