Diabetic Foot Clinic

Diabetic Foot Clinic

 Peripheral vascular diseases had been treated in India from decades especially in the lower socioeconomic strata with amputation and wound management. It was painful to see artificial limbs on people who especially could have walked had the repair of their blood vessels been done on time when their legs still survived.

  85% of lower limb amputations are caused by diabetic foot ulcers which often begin as a small wound on the foot. Diabetic foot complications can lead to multiple amputations very quickly, with studies showing that up to 74% of diabetic patients get subsequent amputations within the first 5 years of their first amputation. Studies also found that 22% of diabetic patients did not survive the first year after their first lower limb amputation due to multiple complications.

   This was the story of vascular diseases in the past. However with the advent of vascular and endovascular surgery, we do have the option now to salvage diseased limbs via bypass or angioplasty to improve blood flow in the oxygen deprieved extremities. Although we have a large number of diabetics and smokers in the country, proper case selection and good wound care can really make the difference

   Diabetic Foot Clinic at Holy Spirit Hospital has been started with an intention to treat diabetic foot infections with a multidisciplinary approach. The aim is to give a systematic protocol oriented management to cure these non healing wounds. With glycemic control, medications and diet, the clinic aims to treat infected wounds with good wound dressings, proper footwear and revascularise ischaemic wounds with open vascular and/or endovascular procedures.

 Our goal is to make Holy Spirit Hospital a state of art centre for advanced wound care catered to all sections of society. With a tertiary care setup, a dedicated team of specialists and support staff, we aim to reduce the amputation burden of diabetic foot wounds and provide quality of life to those who learn to live with diabetes.


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