Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

  • The Aim of the Department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics is to have an evidence based practice as an integral part of the Health care provided to patients at Holy Spirit Hospital. 
  • The Department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics is committed to provide services to meet the Nutritional needs of the patients & ensure Nutrition is included as a priority in patient care. 
  • The Dietary consideration is given keeping in mind the patients’ physical, psychological and social needs. Also recognition is given to the patient’s individual eating habits, which are sometimes influenced by their cultural or religious background. 

Nutritional Care is provided through:
a) Specialized Clinical Dieticians
b) Out Patient Department / Health check-ups
c) Food service management

d) Community outreach / Awareness programmes


A) Specialized IPD Dieticians

  1. All patients are nutritionally assessed on the basis of anthropometric, biochemical, clinical & dietary information.
  2. Dietitians plan therapeutic menus based on various clinical conditions and according to the patient’s biochemical parameters. 
  3. Patients shall receive variety of food choices consistent with their medical condition.
  4. Effective counseling strategies are implemented for educating patients and caregivers as part of multidisciplinary approach to ensure that nutritional needs and dietary limitations of the patient are met.


B) OPD/ Health Checkups

Time:- 12 Noon- 1.30 Pm  

Venue:- Cancer Centre (R No 103)

Patients at the Out Patient Department/ Health check-up are provided with Nutrition counseling and education for various clinical conditions and diseases.

C) Food service management

In-house catering service for all the meals served to the patients. Optimal methods are practiced in the preparation and presentation of therapeutic and/or modified diets in accordance with the medical team.

D) Community outreach / Awareness programmes

Various awareness programs & camps are conducted every month to educate the patients.


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