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Patient Rights & Responsibilities


• Right to information in an understandable language, education about the patient’s healthcare needs and expected cost of treatment.
• Right to personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.
• Right to protection from physical abuse and neglect.
• Right to refusal of treatment.
• Right to informed consent before any procedure / surgery / treatment.
• Right to information on safe and effective use of medication and the potential side effects of the medication.
• Right to confidentiality of patient information.
• Right to information on infection, specific diseases process, complication and prevention strategies.
• Right to information on diet and nutrition and food drug interaction.
• Right to access clinical records.
• Right to express complain or grievances and to get them redressed.


• To provide correct and truthful medical history and personal details of the patient.
• To communicate to the doctor when not able to understand treatment given or considering alternative therapy.
• To abide by all hospital rules and regulations.
• To inform the authorities if the patient’s condition worsens or does not follow expected course.
• To pay for services in a timely manner as per hospital policies.
• To follow the prescribed treatment plan.
• To accept, where applicable, adaptations to the environment to ensure safe and secure stay in hospital.
• To accept the measures taken by hospital to ensure privacy and confidentiality of medical records.
• To attend follow up appointments as requested.
• To keep the hospital property clean. Relatives are not allowed to bathe / wash clothes in the hospital.
• To refrain from spitting, chewing gum / Gutka / pan, smoking and consumption of alcohol.
• To avoid loud speaking and respect silence zones.
• To conserve energy, water and be Eco friendly.

Medical Record Department:

Manage efficiently the system of medical records and to make the needed information available to those requiring them , maintain statistic to facilitate research, audit and managerial decision making , thus to improve the quality of service.

MRD facilitates in:

• Completion of insurance claim forms / Reimbursement forms.
• Amendment in outpatient / in patient record against valid documentary proof, in the event of incorrect entries at registration.
• Issue of transcription slip for getting birth and death certificate from B.M.C.
• When you register at Holy Spirit hospital you are given a UHID number. The file is retained by M.R.D.
• M.R.D ensures your medical records are kept safely and can be retrieved or referred to as and when needed.