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IPF Scheme, Social Service

IPF Scheme :

Scheme for treatment of Indigent & Weaker Section Patients (IPF)

The public Charitable Trusts registered under the provisions of the Bombay Public Trusts Act,1950 (for short ‘B.P.T. Act’) which are running Charitable Hospital shall be under legal obligation to reserve and earmark 10% of the total number of operational beds for indigent patients free of cost and reserve and earmark 10% of the total number of operational beds at concessional rate to the weaker section patients as per the provisions of section 41AA of the B.P.T. Act with effect from 1st Sept 2006.

The Charitable Hospital shall provide following non billable services free to the indigent patients and as well as concessional rates are given to weaker section patients.

• Bed
• RMO Services
• Nursing Care
• Food (if provided by the hospital)
• Linen
• Water & Electricity
• Routine Diagnostics
• House Keeping Services

Pursuant to a notification dated 27/9/12 issued under B.P.T Act, the specified limit of the annual income for the eligible patient has been revised as under:

Category Annual Income
Indigent Rs 50,000/-
Weaker Section Rs 1,00,000/-

The Charitable hospitals shall verify the economic status of the patients from their Medical Social Worker on the basis of scrutiny of any one of the following documents produced by the patients.

• Certificate from Tahasildar
• Ration Card
• Below Poverty Line Card

While Charitable Trusts are obliged to provide 10% of the beds at free, 10% concessional rates, Holy Spirit Hospital on its priority to serve the lower income groups has opted for 10% free, 70% concessional and only 20% paying out of the 300 beds available. Our expenditures on IPF have far exceeded the mandatory requirements and we continue to serve the poor and down trodden with selfless devotion and committed passion.

Social Work :

We the Medical social workers at Holy Spirit Hospital play a critical role plan that will meet the patient's needs during treatment and after the discharge. When a patient comes to the social work department for concession in his/her treatment then we take the case history and verify the documents (Ration Card or Income Certificate) to know whether the patient is eligible for concession. We give concession on concessional bed and sometimes consider other beds after verification.

Free treatment is given to 30 indigent category patients and IPF Concession to 30 weaker session category patients every month. So the total concession of per month comes more than 2% of the total Income. We record the details of the given concessions and report the same to the Charity Commission every month. We consider the patients in emergency cases to get admitted without the minimum advance deposit.

We do letter drafting to various trusts those who are having tie up with our hospital for the help of our needy patients. We also give psychological support to the patients as well as the relatives. The patients are provided attender by us if they require anybody. The cancer patients are given railway concession forms to go to their native place. We, collaboration with Mumbai Smile Foundation help the cancer affected children by providing facilities such as financial, nutritional, educational, and entertainment.