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Holy Spirit Hospital 2017-03-01 20:21:10

After 22 long years, Surat woman can breathe normally

Sangita Bhaisane was suffering from bilateral vocal cord paralysis and the special surgery conducted led to instant relief
Mumbai, February 2017: After 22 years of struggling with heavy breathing, Sangita S Bhaisane finally found relief and is now able to do all her activities with ease. This Surat based 32 year old was suffering from bilateral vocal cord paralysis, wherein insufficient airway passage and hoarseness in her voice existed. She found instant relief after the Carbon Dioxide Laser Endoscopic posterior cortectomy surgery that was conducted by Dr Vishal Tyagi and Dr Christopher D’souza at Holy Spirit Hospital.
With very few hospitals who possess the facilities required to conduct this surgery, Holy Spirit Hospital through a minimally invasive and effective technique provided instant relief. The vocal cords, are located within the larynx (also colloquially known as the voice box) at the top of the trachea. They are open during inhalation and come together to close during swallowing and speech. When closed, the vocal folds may vibrate and modulate the expelled airflow from the lungs to produce speech and singing causing inconvenience to breathe.
“When Sangita approached us, she was suffering from heavy breathing which includes difficulty to sleep as well. The source of her illness was unknown but, we decided on Carbon dioxide laser endoscopic posterior cortectomy wherein a part of the right vocal cord is removed, allowing space to breathe. This is an alternative procedure to tracheotomy. After the surgery, the patient was completely normal and the slight change in voice will be handled with the help of voice therapy,” said Dr Vishal Tyagi, Honorary Consultant, Holy Spirit Hospital. Laser Cortectomy was a procedure first described in 1989 by Kashima and hence is popularly known as Kashima’s operation.
Sukhdev Bhaisane, husband of the patient, said, “Earlier she used to experience breathlessness and heavy breathing while doing continuous activities were also experienced. We visited many doctors but none were able to diagnose the exact problem and prescribed allergic medication. It was only when one of our relative in Mumbai consulted Holy Spirit Hospital with our reports that we saw a ray of hope and rushed to Mumbai. We are glad that she is now able to do all her activities without any interference.”