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Holy Spirit Hospital 2017-03-01 20:22:34

65 year old survived two strokes and is back to his regular routine

Despite two strokes within 15 days, timely treatment and a rare procedure by Holy Spirit Hospital helped him recover.
Mumbai, March 1, 2017: Sadanand Shetty, 65, suffered a stroke which paralysed his right side; he recovered immediately with the help of clot dissolving medication. But within 15 days, he faced another stroke that affected the left side of his body. Timely treatment and quick thinking by doctors at Holy Spirit Hospital helped him survive the second paralytic stroke easily. Mechanical Embolectomy helped in removing the clot in the brain,thereby avoiding any further brain damage. Mechanical Embolectomy is a technique that has  come into the forefront in the recent past but  due  to lack of  awareness only very  few instances of conducting this procedure have cropped up.
The Patient was taking treatment after the first stroke from Dr Kishore Shetty, Neurologist, Holy Spirit Hospital. When he underwent his second paralytic stroke, they approached the same Doctor who immediately advised MRI angiography. A block in one of the major arteries of the brain (Middle Cerebral Artery) was detected. As he had recently undergone a stroke on the opposite side, clot dissolving medications could not be recommended as it could lead to a haemorrhage.
Dr Abhijeet Soni, Interventional Radiologist, Holy Spirit Hospital says, “It is essential to provide treatment within the window period of six hours to any patient as the condition deteriorates rapidly leading to irreversible  brain damage. We started  the treatment procedure within 3 hrs of onset of the stroke.  To remove the clot, we passed a special clot retrieving device into the artery of the brain and  once the clot was pulled out of the artery, circulation in  the blood vessels of the brain was restored.  The treatment was concluded within an hour.”
The patient was under observation for 24 hours, no brain damage was detected. This could have been a devastating stroke leaving  the  patient completely paralysed on the left side. But availability of  all facilities like MRI, ICU, DSA LAB  and  the  expertise required,at Holy Spirit hospital ensuredthat the patient was provided with right treatment  at the  right time leading to immediate recovery. “ As the brain is very sensitive, lack of blood supply to the brain for few hours  can lead to permanent damage. Not only  the neurologist was able to identify the problem promptly  but excellent  coordination by the  ICU  team of Doctors ensured that the patient was on the operation table within the window period thus ensuring timely treatment.” added Soni.
Kripa Shetty, daughter of Sadanand Shetty, said, “Dad is much better now, although he is finding it difficult to talk at times, his condition is way better than the time when he got his first stroke. I think he will be better with medication and we are hoping for constant recovery.”