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Dr. Amish Hasmukh Udani

Pediatric Nephrologist & Renal Transplant Physician

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Area of speciality
  • Management of acute renal failure including CRRT (hemodialysis) in children.
  • Difficult Fluid and electrolyte management e.g. post cardiac surgery patients, tubular diseases.
  • Peritoneal and hemodialysis catheter insertion; kidney biopsy (USG guided) in neonates also.
  • Management of chronic renal failure in children.
  • Pediatric Renal transplant management. 
Work Experience: 
  • I have carried out 54 plasmapheresis, over 175 hemodialysis, 26 SLED (CRRT),  14 Hemodialysis and 33 Peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion, over 200 intermittent peritoneal dialysis and 19 USG guided kidney biopsy so far at various hospitals. I have managed fluid and electrolytes in post cardiac surgery and malignancy related renal failure in children also. I also have experience in managing patients with chronic renal failure.  So far I have done 4 live related pediatric renal transplants. 
  • I have done oral and poster paper presentation in national and international conferences. I have done 10 publications in indexed international and national journals. I have been co-author in writing chapters for various textbooks. I also undertake academic lectures for post-graduate students.
  • Registered as a teacher for Fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology recognized by MUHS in 2015.

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• Pediatric Nephrologist & Renal Transplant Physician

• M.B.B.S., D.C.H., D.N.B (Pediatrics), Fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology

Wednesday    01:00 pm

• B 159 (d)