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Dr. Kapil Iyer

Chest Medicine

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Work Experience 
  • Out patient handling of patients suffering from various respiratory disorders.
  • Indoor calls from various departments for specialist’s advice on management of respiratory ailments.
  • Handling critically ill patients in exacerbation of underlying respiratory conditions like COPD, ILD, Bronchial Asthma.
  • Counselling of patients with different respiratory diseases.
  • Assessment of long term oxygen requirement, and counselling patients alongwith family members about the usage of oxygen concentrators.
  • Demonstrating the proper technique of sputum sample collection and RNTCP notification of every patient of Tuberculosis.
  • Assessing Drug resistant TB cases and requesting sputum analysis from Intermediate reference laboratories.
  • Interdepartmental co ordination for pre surgical evaluation and predicting post operative risks.
  • Prescription of CPAP/BiPAP for patients with OSA or OHS.
  • Palliative care of patients with Lung malignancy.

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• Chest Medicine

• MD Physician, MD Pulmonary Medicine, DNB Respiratory Diseases

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