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Dr. Abhijit Soni

Neuro & AMP; Vascular Interventional Radiologist

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  • Dr. Soni is a practicing interventional radiologist since 1995.
  • He is proficient in a wide variety of peripheral vascular and non vascular interventions and also specializes in Neuro interventions.
  • He recieved his medical degree form KEM Hospital, Mumbai and persued his post graduation in Radiology form LTMGH Sion Mumbai.
  • His postgraduate training was focused on Interventional radiology. He completed his training in Radiology in 1994
  • He underwent training in Neurointervention in France form Dr. Jaques Moret ( Adolphe Rosthschild Hospital, Paris ). In 2011. he underwent training in Complex Below Knee interventions at Leipzig, Germany.
  • He is a life member of Indian Society of Vascular Interventional Radiology and India Neuro Intervention foundation.

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• Neuro & AMP; Vascular Interventional Radiologist