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Dr. V. A. Sajit Babu

Chest Medicine

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  • He is performing routine Bronchoscopies, Sleep studies and PFT\'S. His responsibility also involves training of CPS students. 
  • His pratical skill includes Fibre optic Bronchoscopy, Sleep studies, Endotracheal intubation and managing Ventilator patients, Peripheral & Central venous cannulation, Arterial cannulation, Insertion of IABP. At present working on a joint research with Anaesthesia department for improvement in anaesthesia in bronchoscopy and patient comfort.

  • He has published article Resistance Patterns among Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients in Greater Metropolitan Mumbai: Trends over Time in journal. His area of expertise are in Tuberculosis, Allergies, Airway and Intestinal Lung diseases, Bronchoscopies, Sleep Disordered Breathing and Critical Care Medicine.

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• Chest Medicine

  • Tuesday  - 02:00 pm 
  • Thursday - 02:00 pm

• B 159 (d)