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Dr. Kamales Saha

Cardio Vescular Thoracic Surgeon

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  • A reputed heart surgeon with impeccable credentials, Dr Saha has won many gold medals and prizes at University level. He trained in Heart Surgery from All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. 
  • He completed his fellowship from The Mayo Clinic, United States, credited to be one of the best hospitals in the world.
  • He has performed more than 7000 Heart Surgeries on patients aged from 2 months to 84 years. He is a versatile heart surgeon who does apart from CABG other heart surgeries like Valve surgeries and Congenital Corrections with excellent success rate.
  • He has pioneered a new Aortic No touch technique in CABG which eliminates the risk of stroke – one of the most dreaded complications of Bypass Surgery. He has presented papers on this path breaking technique in International Conferences.
  • He is one of the very few heart surgeons who perform Total Arterial Revascularization on the beating heart or \"off-pump\"and has done 9 arterial Bypass Grafting in a patient. 
  • He has many publications in International journals and is invited to many international conferences in Europe and United States to present his experience in ‘All Arterial Off pump CABG.
  • He has a lot of experience in Redo Bypass Surgery on Beating Heart which he gained during his long stint overseas. He also specializes in Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery (MICAS) and ventricular assist device implantation for heart failure.

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• Cardio Vescular Thoracic Surgeon