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IIn the past 4 years Holy Spirit Hospital makes a great leap by extending it's caring wings to Cancer patients by setting up a state-of the-art Cancer Centre comprising of:

• Radiation Centre with Linear Accelerator and Brachitherapy
• Medical Oncology with 21 Bedded unit
• Surgical Oncology facility with “Stoma Clinic”

Majority of cancer related cases can be cured if detected & treated in early stages. Remaining cases can be controlled for long duration if managed properly. HOLY SPIRIT CANCER CENTRE is initiated to work towards reducing the mortality & morbidity rates due to cancer.

We have a dedicated Oncology Centre for the treatment of all types and forms of cancer. The cancer centre is well equipped with state of art modern sophisticated machines and other facilities. The Hospital provides high quality oncology services at affordable cost.

A dedicated oncology centre for treatment of all types and forms of cancer.
• Well equipped with modern sophisticated machines and other facilities
• All branches of oncology treatments such as Medical, Surgical, Radiation, Hormone therapy and more.

Modes of Radiation Treatment
  1) Teletherapy / External Radiotherapy
  2) Brachytherapy / Internal Radiotherapy

Types of External Radiotherapy
  • 3DCRT: 3- Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy
  • IMRT: Intensity - Modulated Radiation Therapy
  • IGRT: Image - Guided Radiation Therapy
  • Volumetric Arc therapy

Types of Internal Radiation Therapy
  • Advance gamma Med plus-iX Machine, 24 channel High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachy Therapy Machine
  • 3Dimensional Conformal Brachy Therapy Treatment

Medical Oncology and Hematology
  • Well equipped medical oncology team offering day care and inpatient facilities
  • Treatment of all forms and types of cancers - all solid cancers, lymphoid and hematological malignancies with optional care and professionalism
  • All special procedures like Bone Marrow Aspiration, Biopsy, Intrathecal chemotherapy, Intraperitoneal chemotherapy and more

Surgical Services
  • Obtaining a Diagnosis
  • Surgery with a Curative Intent
  • Palliative Surgery

Other Services
  • Joint Oncology Clinics
  • Oncopathology Services
  • Stoma care
  • Pain Management
  • Cancer Screening and Preventive Oncology
  • Medical Social Work Department

Surgical Oncology
Dr. Ian D’souza
Dr. Joseph Sequeria
Dr. Sumeet Shah
Dr. Uday Pawar
Dr. Sundaram K. Pillai

Medical Oncology
Dr. Nirmal Raut
Dr. Bharat Bhosle
Dr. Shilpa Gupta
Dr. Akshay Shah

Radiation Oncology
Dr. Ajay Kolse
Dr. Nikesh B.