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Adhyatimik Seva / Pastoral Care

Psycho Spiritual Counselling and Psychotherapy Psycho Spiritual Counseling and Psychotherapy We have a team (Priest and sisters), who are always available at the request of any patient or their relatives to give spiritual and psychological support They regularly visit the sick and pray for them and give them assistance to cope up with their pains and sufferings. We have daily Eucharistic celebration in our chapel at - 6:30am.

Distributing Holy Communion (Param Prasad) and Integral Healing Service to the deserving patients.

Psycho spiritual Counseling is an integrative approach that draws on the best practices of psychotherapy and spiritual counseling. The psycho spiritual approach integrates both psychological healing and spiritual development, is an approach to support the individual on their particular journey. Most suffering and sickness is rooted in the illusion of separation therefore, “reweaving connection” and “expanding and deepening sense of self” are foundations by therapeutic practice. Seeing crises not as problems but as stepping stones for greater spiritual emergence and opportunities for growth.

To attain this holistic healing in our Hospital we use for our clients tools such as meditation, imagery, metaphor, visualization, Music, creative arts, dreams , awareness, intuition Active listening and inner attunement, all of which are used in the pursuit of understanding to help the client to accept the reality and let go.